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Traveling to Disney with a Baby – It’s Possible!

Amanda and David know the importance of traveling and experiencing the world around them.  Which is why, despite the skeptics who thought bringing little 18 month old Louise to Disneyland would be too difficult, David and Amanda were determined to use every trick in the book to make it happen.   Spoiler Alert: their trip wound up to be a total success and lucky for us, Amanda and David are willing to share all their secrets!


Flights were booked, park tickets were purchased, and lodging was arranged but Amanda and David were terribly worried about lugging their stroller and car seat through the airport. They knew the best option was to rent a stroller for Disneyland.  Luckily, was just one click away. They read the reviews and were pleased to discover not only does Cloud of Goods have five stars across the board for customer service, price, and quality, but they can also deliver directly to the airport!  


When it came time for their trip, little Louise and her family were able to travel light knowing everything they needed was already waiting at their destination. The Cloud of Goods driver brought their travel system to the airport, showed them exactly how to use it, and answered all questions so Amanda and David could feel confident using their baby rental gear for Disneyland.

Louise Loving her Cloud of Goods Stroller


With the help of Cloud of Goods, Amanda, David, and Louise were able to enjoy an incredible Disneyland vacation.  In addition to their stroller and car seat rental tips, they have shared more great information about traveling to Disneyland.

For instance, when you have to hit the whole park before the clock strikes and your carriage turns into a pumpkin, it’s best to get the inside scoop on the best food in town.  Start your day off right with breakfast at Carnation Cafe. You can’t go wrong with the All American breakfast platter or some classic Mickey Waffles. For dinner, Plaza Inn was Walt Disney’s favorite restaurant at the parks.  According to David and Amanda, the man knows just as much about food as he does about Mickey Mouse himself, because it was delicious. Favorite dishes at the Plaza Inn were the fried chicken, and the pot roast. YUM!

When it comes to navigating the rest of Disney, there’s a couple of extra steps when traveling with a youngster.  Amanda stresses the importance of packing all the baby essentials. However, in the event that you were to forget anything, the Disneyland Baby Care Centers are well maintained and reasonably priced if you need diapers, wipes, and other supplies.  When it comes to rides and attractions, Disneyland is surprisingly baby friendly! Sadly, California Adventure Park did not possess the same baby friendly themes. David would recommend skipping that park if you are looking to entertain a young child.  Keep in mind that Disney offers a rider switch pass. While this is beneficial if you have extra people traveling with you, Amanda and David recommend simply waiting in the single rider line to get through faster.


Family vacations are all about creating lasting memories.  In order to capture those unforgettable moments, be sure to register for the Disneyland PhotoPass.  David, Amanda, and Louise now have hundreds of family photos throughout the park. In retrospect, this incredible family has taught us a thing or two about traveling to Disneyland with a young child.  Their take-away points from the experience:


  1. It’s absolutely, 100% possible.
  2. Take it slow.  If you don’t see every inch of the park, that’s okay. The most important thing is to have a good time!
  3. If you need a stroller rental, car seat rental, or any other baby gear, Cloud of Goods is great, affordable, and definitely the way to go!