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The Reason We are Out of Shape

There’s always a reason, right? We’ll start eating healthy next week because this week is just too busy to cook. We’ll work out tomorrow because there’s no one to watch the baby tonight. We’re traveling, or we’re too busy, or any other excuse you can think of.


We constantly come up with reasons to push our happiness aside; to put our goals on the back burner just to survive day to day life. What if someone could help you eliminate the excuses and get you to a healthier lifestyle today instead of “someday”? What if there was an entire community supporting you, so that what you own or where you are didn’t matter?

Cloud of Goods has helped thousands of families from around the world by providing rental gear in ten different cities across the US. Our mission is to enable everyone, regardless of who they are, their life situation, or where they are going, to accomplish their goals. Cloud of Goods standard, jogging, and double stroller rentals, have enabled traveling and local parents alike to accomplish their goals without breaking the bank.

Take Samantha for example, an LA momma with fitness goals and dreams that cannot be stopped. During recent trips to New York City, Samantha was unable to take her running stroller for her daughter. With the support of Cloud of Goods, she happily left her bulky gear at home! Samantha’s New York City jogging stroller rental was delivered right to the hotel so her daughter could join the big city adventures. Central Park to Governors Island, these fabulous ladies rolled all over Manhattan and racked up over 20 miles in the process. When their vacation was over, they left their rented stroller at the hotel and Cloud of Goods scooped it up without a hitch.

From the beach to the streets, this fit mother-daughter duo is unstoppable.  You can follow their journey on Instagram @Samantharunskindafast.

Parents all over the world are breaking the mold and achieving their health goals with Cloud of Goods.  Whether traveling to some place brand new, or looking to explore your own backyard, every generation of your family can enjoy Cloud of Goods rental gear. Mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, bike rentals, baby gear rentals and more, available at

The Reason We're Out of Shape


Call us at 415-621-9757 and a friendly representative will tell you all the reasons to rent gear and start achieving your goals today!