Taylor's Tips for Tampa Travelers

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Taylor’s Tips for Tampa Travelers

It’s no wonder thousands of visitors flock to the sandy beaches and sunny skies of the East Coast.  Take advantage of everything that the “Sunshine State” has to offer with the help of Cloud of Goods in Tampa, FL!  Cloud of Goods delivers mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, stroller rentals, car seat rentals and much more to Tampa and the surrounding areas. From kayaking along the Tampa Bay coast, to biking along the pier at Port St. Pete or Port Tampa Bay, Cloud of Goods has everything that travelers and locals may need.  Whether you’re in town for meetings at the Tampa Convention Center or looking for thrills at Busch Gardens Amusement Park, Tampa rental equipment is available where you need it, when you need it!


Mobility Gear

Our mission is to make sure life’s experiences are not limited by what you own or where you are.  With mobility rentals, your mother can still enjoy Busch Gardens with her grandkids, even if she can’t walk that far.  And your spouse can still go on the family cruise you had planned despite a recent injury. Whatever situation you find yourself in, Cloud of Goods is there for you with Tampa wheelchair rentals, knee scooter rentals, mobility scooter rentals, and more.

Busch Gardens Rentals

Baby & Kids Gear

It’s hard enough to keep a toddler under control while traveling through the airport,on the plane and in the car.  Add 20+ pounds babies essentials and you’ve got yourself quite the nightmare. Now imagine the piece of mind knowing that everything you need is waiting for you at your destination! Vacations are meant to be stress free: an overall positive experience.  That is exactly what we provide with Tampa stroller rentals, car seat rentals, and other baby gear.

More Than Just a Rental

While delivery is what we’re known for, we specialize in providing freedom.  The freedom to worry less and enjoy life more. Just like you reserve your hotel or rental car, now you canvisit cloudofgoods.com or call 813-291-2511  to reserve all the rental equipment you may need on your trip to Tampa. So travel light and we’ll meet you there.


We can’t wait to travel to Florida with you so pack light, everything you need is already there!

Once you’ve booked all your equipment, visit All the Rooms to find the perfect place to stay while visiting Tampa.