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PwD’s: Wheelchair Rentals in SF is Here!

4 Reasons to be Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Photo by Keoni Cabral

There is much to do in the City by the Bay for all walks of life.

And for wheelchairs, walkers, canes, scooters of our diverse lives, too.

Sometimes we forget how exclusive our language can be, but I digress…

Although we may not like to entertain the idea, the fact remains that we may all find ourselves in need of a steel-framed chariot someday, so here are four reasons why the rental of wheelchairs in San Francisco is genius!

4) You are a Queen/King Upon a Steel Throne

“Back pain is youth leaving the body”

Along with muscle strains, sprains, post-surgery recovery, etc. Aging can be unkind as our anatomy of skeleton & tissue cease to be as nimble as it was yesteryear.

No one plans on it, but we can become a Person with a Disability (PwD) at some point in our lives.

Temporarily or permanently.

Just last month, for example, I was bedridden with a random case of strained back muscle for two days. Go figure!

A broken bone from a car accident, a surgical procedure, orthopedic and/or neuromuscular impairments, etc. can impact our ability to walk independently.

When we least expect it, we could be clamouring for the assistance of a rolling chariot.

Only those who utilize a wheelchair daily understand the regality of these steel thrones.

They understand that wheelchairs provide access to freedom, not just to mobility.

And they embrace it like a boss.


World renowned physicist with ALS, Stephen Hawking, in the zero-gravity “Vomit Comet” shows that life is not limited by a wheelchair. Photo by Jim Campbell/Aero-News Network

3) SF’s Accessibility Score Metric is Excellent, Literally!

San Francisco receives an Excellent rating in the Accessibility Score Metric.

Woot woot!

Public transportation networks and stellar accommodations available at tourist attractions play an integral role in welcoming tourists from around the world.

Trains (Amtrak, BART, MUNI transports), most trolleys, buses and taxis provide convenience to wheelchair users.

Uber has also rolled out its wheelchair-accessible fleet as well, uberASSIST. Specifically trained by Open Doors Organization, this service accommodates folding wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters to make portability available to all.

Also, San Francisco is a rollable city (with hills as added cardio exercise if you’re up for an adventure).

SF offers exclusive access for wheelchair users of all mobility levels. Photo by David Goehring

The highest metric for walkability are in Chinatown and the Financial/Downtown districts, in case you’re trying to reach your daily Fitbit quota.

With an average of 150,412 visitors each day, 18.01 million in 2014 (many of whom are international visitors), there are many sites for travelers to see in this beautiful city no matter one’s disposition.

2) Get the VIP Treatment

Being an ever-inclusive city, San Francisco sure knows how to take care of its citizens.

For example, America’s #1 tourist destination and former federal penitentiary, Alcatraz, has a SEAT (Sustainable Easy Access Transport) electric shuttle.

This service is reserved for visitors with a physical disability or a health condition who are unable to make the equivalent of a 13-story climb from the dock to the prison at the top (¼ mi [.4 km]; elevation change of 130 ft [40 m]).

Offered on a first come, first served basis, a transport service is available on Alcatraz Island. Photo by Kent Slade.

Alcatraz Landing at Pier 33 also has accessible parking with a permanent or temporary disabled placard shown. A drop-off zone is another option for visitors who need to arrive on the island by car.

All in all, the island is fully accessible in most all parts for tourists.

However, be mindful that wheelchairs are not available for rent either at Pier 33 or on the island itself (read on for a solution to this obstacle!).

For an index of other accessible facilities around San Francisco, explore here.

1) …(drum roll please)

Because Everyone Deserves Freedom

After all, people who use mobility or adaptive equipment are provided freedom and access that otherwise would be denied.

“San Francisco boasts a cultural sense of inclusion for all persons, regardless of physical ability, and this is carried throughout with the accommodations available at hotels, museums, restaurants and other public places,” says

Where can you turn to for help?

To uphold that same standard that makes San Francisco so great, Cloud of Goods is proactive in respecting and providing service to all persons in kind.

Whether weary and tired mid-stroll or a sudden injury may befall unexpectedly, on-demand delivery is available to ensure that you are continuously afforded access to your environment.

Our staff is friendly, responsible, and respectable, so give our services a try! That way, you can return to enjoying the city for all of its splendor.

In closing, here is a feel-good video of people showcasing how Wheelchairs are Awesome!


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