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Meet Happy the Cloud

In a lifetime, the average person will have spent 2 years on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of us view and post on social media every single day. So why not use your posting efforts to receive free giveaways?  



Cloud of Goods delivers mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, stroller rentals, and more.  But more than that, Cloud of Goods delivers happiness, and an unforgettable vacation experience! Happy the Cloud is the newest team member committed to exploring with you.  You can find him on your gear, and on all of our social media pages, welcoming you with a smile! When you see him, follow these instructions:


Adventure is out there, I hope you’re ready to explore;

Take photos with me everywhere: theme parks, beaches, and more.

Post pictures on Facebook and Instagram – Be proud;

For a chance to win cool stuff, tag #happythecloud

With the hassle of traveling and the agony of lost or damaged luggage, it only makes sense to leave your expensive gear at home. Parents traveling with little ones reserve stroller rentals, car seat rentals, and other baby & kids gear.  Individuals with mobility limitations or injury are liberated with mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, knee scooter rentals, and more. Happy and the rest of the Cloud of Goods team can’t wait to travel and explore with you! Reservations can be made anytime online at or by calling 415-621-9757.