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Leave Your Stroller and Car Seat at Home

The new wave of family-friendly travel is here.

So, you’re headed to San Francisco for a little rest & relaxation, fun & recreation. With your kids.

If thoughts of checking in baby strollers and car seats suppressed your desire for exploration, fear no more!

Travel can now be made stress-free and convenient with the help of quality, customized service from Cloud of Goods, a traveler’s one-stop rentalplace and more!

The humble staff made up of a bubbly, knowledgeable team of locals is here to encourage visitors of SF to revel in all that it has to offer.

“We enjoy helping families and friends vacation easier.”

Happy and worry-free travel. Is there such a thing with children in tow? YES there is!

And we’re here to provide you with just that: a fun-for-the-family getaway (including the parents!).


It starts when your airline tickets are booked. Replace anxiety-riddled thoughts that toting cumbersome equipment inspires and place a reservation online 24/7 at, or for special requests, contact a local Cloud of Goods agent (415–621–9757,,

Select from a rolodex of affordable high-quality, clean, comfortable accessories to fit your lifestyle needs. Reservations are made easy, and delivery to you, even easier. Waiting in long lines is a thing of the past.

There’s no more stressing over lugging your gear around; we’ll have everything ready at your destination. Truly, packing has never been made so effortless.

Now, you decide where your items will be transported and collected anywhere in San Francisco. Airport curbside, at a rental car agency, from the comfort of your hotel, in mid-stride at the pier: the convenience of delivery is on your side.

Cloud of Goods will coordinate with you to ensure that your vacation begins and ends hassle-free.

Now you can focus your energy on the company that you keep. The city’s charm is beckoning, so go out there and explore! We can’t flatten the hills, but we can make it a little easier to climb them.

Didn’t think that a stroller was needed during your brisk walk around town? Cloud of Goods has you covered with items that have undergone a comprehensive cleaning process after each rental.

On-demand requests are fulfilled with a simple online reservation, unless you happen to be this lucky customer:

Gone are the days of trying to procure necessary accoutrements for your trip.

Find all your needs in one stop instead of scouring a foreign landscape on your own. Getting what you need is at the palm of your hands. Easy peasy.

Need a reliable car seat for your bundle of joy? There are plenty to choose from! Wish to run around the Golden Gate Promenade pounding foot to pavement? Rent a jogging stroller that offers the exercise you seek while providing a scenic tour for your little tike (or tikes). And if lush green lawns of surrounding parkland calls for an impromptu picnic,

Cloud of Goods can meet you where you are and with all the fixings.

Being away from home doesn’t mean you have to limit your excursion. Vacation like a local with all your needs dispatched to you in a jiffy!

Items are either sourced in-house or from the community and businesses. Travel easy while supporting the locals! Problem solving for tourists, extra income for the renters.

Tired from traipsing around the pier or enjoying a festive parade? Order a stroller for your kids or a wheelchair for elder companions. Want to take in the sights? Rent a bicycle for the entire family. Check off that bucket-list item of visiting the Golden Gate Bridge with the breeze flirting with your hair follicles as you glide through. Or if you’re yearning for a more adventurous perspective, look up at the International Orange behemoth from your kayak on the bay.

There are many sights to see in this great city by the bay, and too little time for two feet to carry you there.

And indeed, Cloud of Good’s services are extended to a party of any size.

Cloud of Goods Co-Founder, Stacy Tran, with happy bicycle renters visiting from India.

Particularly if you’re planning to take a tour of our many natural and historical sites — Muir Woods National Monuments, Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz, Wine Country, etc. — a car seat, stroller, and/or wheelchair will not be provided for you by the tour company.

But we can!

A recent study from Cornell University essentially confirmed that travel is the secret to happiness.

So whether you’re coming from out of town, hosting guests, or wish to play tourist in your own city, let the helpful staff at Cloud of Goods embed a little relaxation into your visit.

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