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International Women’s Day

As we celebrate strong and incredible women in history, we want to take a moment to appreciate our fearless Cloud of Goods lady bosses!  Changing the face of the travel industry would not be possible without the diversity in culture, education, and gender that our global team possesses.  Customer support, daily operations, equipment maintenance and delivery, technical development, you name it, the women of Cloud of Goods can do it all!

Clarissa – San Francisco

Aspara, Sajini, Nadini, Ushika, and others – Cloud of Goods Women in Tech

Becky, Ashleigh, Clarissa – Orlando


Having a company built of 73% women is something Cloud of Goods takes great pride in! While each family member has a story to tell and a vital role in this company, we look to our Chief Operations Officer (COO), Ashleigh Wakeland, as a valiant leader in the business of delivering happiness.

Ashleigh Wakeland – COO

Ashleigh has been kicking butt with Cloud of Goods since 2016 when it was merely a fog in the San Francisco Bay Area.  At that time, we mainly provided locals and travelers with baby equipment rentals such as stroller rentals and car seat rentals. Since then, Cloud of Goods has billowed into a ginormous storm sweeping the nation.  From city launches in Orlando, Anaheim, and Las Vegas, Ashleigh has been at the eye of the cumulus, facilitating the creation of happy travelers worldwide.  She has aided in introducing mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, and more to the Cloud of Goods platform.  It takes a strong-willed, focused, and determined COO to accomplish all that she does on a daily basis!  Thank you Ashleigh, for proving that no one should be limited by age, ability, or gender and for working effortlessly with the rest of the team to bring Cloud of Goods to cities around the world.

For mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, stroller rentals and more, visit our website or give us a call at 415-621-9757.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with Ashleigh and the Cloud of Goods family.