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How the Kindness of Cloud of Goods Solved My Temporary Mobility Problem

Patricia Corrigan, a writer in San Francisco, shares her search for a workable solution after undergoing Achilles tendon surgery.

In the Summer of 2017, I was in orthopedic rehab in San Francisco after Achilles tendon surgery.  None of the usual therapeutic solutions worked, and my physical therapy team was frustrated.

Then Cloud of Goods came to my rescue.  Here’s my story.

In July 2016, the doctor on call one weekend prescribed an antibiotic to quash my lingering bacterial sinus infection once and for all.  The drug did the trick – but it also weakened my Achilles tendon, a potential side effect in people 65 and older. (The Top Drugs for Adults to Avoid) In spite of months of physical therapy, over time the tendon deteriorated.

One year after I took the medication, the tendon ruptured.  After surgery, I moved into an orthopedic rehab center, where I began physical therapy to help me get around on one leg until my affected leg was healed long enough to bear weight.

“You can hop on the good leg,” the physical therapist said. I couldn’t, because of neuropathy on my “good” foot.

“You can use crutches,” the physical therapist said.  I couldn’t, because of issues with my left shoulder.

“You can use a knee walker,” the physical therapist said. I couldn’t, because the gap the cast created between my knee and the walker’s bench was too great.

One day, the head of the physical therapy team showed me a photo on the Internet of a steerable, seated knee scooter. “This might work for you,” he said. “We don’t have one here, but you could buy one.”

I didn’t want to buy one.  One week after surgery, I was already looking forward to putting the entire horrid experience in the past and learning to walk again.  The full recovery time after Achilles tendon surgery for someone my age is 18 months or longer, but I would need a scooter just for a couple of months.

From my bed, I called half a dozen companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond that rent durable medical goods.  None of them had steerable, seated knee scooters.  When I found Cloud of Goods on line, I decided to make the call though I anticipated what the answer might be.

“We don’t have that,” said Ayeshma, the woman who answered the phone.  Then she said, “I’ve never heard of this scooter.  Tell me more about it, and tell me where to find it on line.” As she looked at the site, she said that Cloud of Goods might be able to help me.  She said she would call me back.

When she did, Ayeshma told me the company had decided to buy the scooter and rent it to me.  Ashleigh, the COO, ordered it, had it assembled and had it delivered to me just days later.

My physical therapy team helped me learn to use the scooter safely.  Because my “good” leg is strong and I am flexible, I quickly mastered getting on and off. The scooter set me free – soon I was “scooting” up and down the halls at the rehab center, and I later used it home until I could walk again.  (Read my tips for recovery)

I’m telling my story here to spread the word that Cloud of Goods is a company made up of kind individuals dedicated to helping people solve mobility problems. Thanks!

If you are in need of steerable scooter rentals, knee walker rentals, wheelchair rentals, and more, Cloud of Goods has got you covered 24/7 in 10 different cities.  Visit the website or call 415-621-9757 to reserve your rental equipment today – and save 10 percent with Promo Code COGFAM010.