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Delivering Happiness

Cloud of Goods is changing the way you think about travel!  Navigating through airports and driving hours on end to get to your destination is hard enough as it is.  So leave your bulky gear at home and we’ll deliver it to your destination.  At, mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, and stroller rentals are available at your destination on demand.  Reserve your equipment, and we will drop it off wherever you need it in San Francisco, Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Orlando. It’s that easy!

Providing travelers with top notch rental equipment would not be possible without the efforts of our amazing delivery team!  They are experts in inventory, equipment maintenance, and customer support.  To take a closer look at what these hardworking Cloud of Goods delivery drivers do, I interviewed a couple of greats: Josh and Chris.

JOSH (Las Vegas, NV)

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Cloud of Goods driver?

A: We get to make vacations happen!  Whether I’m delivering equipment, making connections with locals, or managing the team and warehouse in Las Vegas, I know I’m working towards the bigger picture: making vacations possible for families.


Q: Favorite part about the job?

A: Making people happy.  So many people come to Las Vegas and we get to provide them with a service that makes their trip great.


Q: What is your most memorable customer story?

A:  One time, this family was so thankful for their scooter and they could not thank me enough.  When I went to pick up their scooter rental they actually wrote a thank you note to express their gratitude for our services.  That was pretty cool.


Q: Most recommended equipment?

A:  Definitely recommend the cup holder.  I don’t understand why you would come to Vegas and not put a cup holder on your scooter.

CHRIS (Anaheim, CA)

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Cloud of Goods driver?

A: As we always say, we are enabling people to have real life experiences. My job is great and I’m so thankful to work with the people that I work with.  I am able to teach other drivers in Anaheim what it means to be a Cloud of Goods driver therefore spreading the CoG family. I really like that about my job!


Q: Favorite part about the job?

A: Customers that are having a hard time are completely grateful.  To see and hear about how much fun they had and how happy they are.  Hearing customers say, “I never would have been able to enjoy my family vacation without you guys” is the best part.


Q: What is your most memorable customer story?

A: This guy, two days before his Disneyland vacation, got in a terrible car accident.  He had multiple fractures, arm in a sling, and could barely move his limbs.  His wife cried, gave me a lot of hugs and said they thought about canceling their vacation until they realized Cloud of Goods existed.  They both kept repeating how they couldn’t have had their family vacation without us. That was a really touching moment for me.


Q: Most recommended equipment?

A: I’m going to say lightweight mobility scooter because while some rent for convenience, others rent scooters for necessity.  Most people that need lightweight mobility scooter rentals would not be able to have their vacation without it.  The fact that we can provide it to them makes it my favorite thing to deliver.

Give us a call today at 415-621-9757 or book scooter rentals and other rentals online at You’ll get to experience the trip of a lifetime with the help and support of the Cloud of Goods family!

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