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Dear 2016, in bidding you adieu

Please allow us to share
Cloud of Goods’ year in review

Let’s start from the top in January
when Punsri and Stacy had an idea for travel mobility
Rent any equipment you need! What a grand novelty!

From strollers to car seats, outdoor gear too
Travel lightly; we’ll have everything waiting for you!
From there, a crew assembles at the start of month two
A homepage launch brings the first order within a day. Woo hoo!

Month three is where things get a little rickety
with Stacy jetting back to Seattle for a home-front emergency
but the team pulls together with unyielding support
Because that’s what we do as a Cloud of Goods family  

April showered us with more orders each day
by the end of the month, alpha launch is on its way
Three cheers to Voice of America for being present, on cue
for our milestone celebration: $500 in revenue!   

What more could we add to our catalog array?
Luckily, Holiday Inn Van Ness recommended a new item in May
Wheelchairs! Scooters! are what hotels request?
Well, we do all we can to help you and your guests
mobility equipment is added as you please
Moral of the story: ask and you shall receive

Oh, the troubles came too soon in the thick of month June
But we persevered as per our usual tune
We emerged from the rubble with the trusty Cloud Mobile. Vroom.
And to Google Drive hackers, thanks for the unsolicited lesson in security
What doesn’t kill us makes our company stronger, indeed

In July is where our team members met face to face
at the first ever picnic held in San Francisco, our home base
reconnecting, recharging, supporting one another’s goals
high-fiving, fist-bumping for success with our respective roles

August, September, and October strolled on
Headstrong, we made strides in this rental industry
with conviction on our side and an idea come to fruition
Cloud of Goods was primed as an investment opportunity
through outreach and networking on through November
we have now received $500k committed monetarily!

To the renters, team members and crew
look how far we’ve come because of each of you
From $500 in April to $70k+ in revenue
Thank you for your support as there is more work left to do
The last seven months was all but a breeze
determination, grit, and a positive attitude:
these are among the strengths that got us through

Though the year has come to an end
In December, we continued and marched onward with no bend
Make haste to Orlando, the company is ready to expand
To a city where endless theme parks make many merry
is the location that our feedback most recommends

Hence, our fearless leaders Punsri and Stacy have gone to
High above the clouds, they launched site two
three orders came through while they were in mid-flight
Our on-demand service must be doing something right!
Land the plane, make haste, they had a delivery to run
Ensuring customer satisfaction can be very ambitious and fun!

In SF and Orlando, there are many attractions to explore
Come visit, pack light
and rent gear from our online store!

Our journey has been one that is positively wonderful
with our venture keeping us ever so humble
From our family to yours in this time of cheer
Please keep us in mind the next time you travel
As your premier rental platform for all things gear!  

Your Cloud of Goods Team

Brainstorming sessions FTW, January 2016

Strollers Central and Gear Galore, February 2016

The Cloud Mobile, to the rescue! June 2016

All smiles at the Cloud of Goods Team Picnic, San Francisco, July 2016

Celebrating the $50k revenue milestone in enthusiastic fashion

1st Annual Holiday Party shenanigans, December 2016

Hitting the ground running with rentals order lined up, December 2016

Orlando, we have arrived! 2017 and beyond!

  1. So proud of you guys! And love the blogging, Trysteen. You are such an artist with language!

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