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Customer Experience Like Never Before

Part of Cloud of Goods’ top notch customer service is providing you with support every step of the way.  We want all of your questions answered about your mobility scooter rental before you even have to ask.  Here are a few Cloud of Goods mobility scooter tips that will come in handy:

Are the scooters collapsible and transportable?

Absolutely! The majority of our scooters can be disassembled in less than a minute.  Take a look at this disassembly video to see how truly simple it is.  If you’re still having difficulty, feel free to reach out to your driver upon delivery or our 24 hour Customer Happiness Team!

How long do the batteries last?

The life of the battery depends on the type of scooter you reserve.  Lightweight mobility scooters have a battery life of about 9 miles and heavy duty mobility scooters typically have a longer battery life of about 11 miles. We always recommend that you bring the charger with you on your journey, that way you can charge the scooter when you stop to rest or break for lunch.  

Be sure to charge your scooter overnight to ensure it has enough juice for the adventures of tomorrow.  There should be a light on the charging cord indicating that the standard outlet you are using indeed has power.  A red light indicates your scooter is not fully charged, green indicates you are back to full power!  Cloud of Goods also has additional batteries available for rent with your mobility scooter for extra support to get you through the day without a hitch.

What’s the best way for me to care for my rented scooter?

All mobility scooter rentals come with a key which is necessary to power the scooter.  Anytime you are not using the scooter, it is important to turn it off to be sure you are not wasting precious battery life.  Also, be sure you are taking the key with you if you are leaving the scooter unattended for any reason.  We offer a protection plan for a small daily fee that waives your liability of accidental damages to the mobility scooter but this protection plan does not cover lost or stolen items. We trust you but we realize accidents can happen so please take extra care to ensure your scooter rental is returned the way you received it.


What should I do if the scooter I rented stops working?

Cloud of Goods has seamlessly helped thousands of families from around the world navigate Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, the Las Vegas Strip, the parks of Disney World and many more dream destinations.  Customers rarely experience difficulties but in the unlikely event it were to happen, you’ll be glad you know how to proceed!  Most of the time, the scooter is not moving simply because it is in neutral.  To resolve this, locate the lever or knob on the back of the scooter by the right rear wheel.  This knob must be in the drive or “D” position in order to operate the scooter.  If the scooter is in the neutral or “N” position simply turn off the scooter, put the lever in the drive setting and turn the scooter back on.

If your scooter is in drive and still not working, you may need to perform a battery reset.  Turn off the scooter and locate the clear button on or next to the battery (located beneath the seat).  Double check that the scooter is off and hold down the clear button for five seconds.  Turn the scooter back on and you should be good to go!  If you need further assistance, please give our Customer Happiness Team a call at 415-621-9757.  We are here for you 24/7.

Are there accessories available to rent with the scooter as well?

All of our scooters come with a handy-dandy basket attached to the front! This is great for storing odds and ends and keeping that charger handy that was mentioned earlier.  In addition, we offer tons of great add-ons that you can include with your order such as cup holders, cane and crutch holders, sun shades and more.


We understand that you may have more questions about your mobility scooter rental and that is perfectly okay! Our previous posts Disney World Scooter Tips from Cloud of Goods and Changing the Face of the Travel Industry have all kinds of fancy hints that will help you on your journey.  You can also visit for more information on your rental equipment.  Our Customer Happiness Team is standing by 24/7 to ensure you get the one of a kind customer service you deserve!