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5 Great Museums in San Francisco


There are few places in this world that allow the mind to be transported to an alternate place, emotion or dimension.  Museums, for example, enchant visitors of all ages and abilities by capturing bits and pieces of the world that fascinate and excite.  In honor of National Museum Day, Cloud of Goods has gathered information on some amazing museums located in San Francisco, CA.

5 of the Greatest Museums in San Francisco

de Young Museum

Located in Golden Gate Park the de Young Museum is currently featuring a “Cult of the Machine” exhibit which highlights aspects of industrial architecture.  With general admission around $15.00 and art from all around the world, this museum is sure to peak the interest of any and all visitors.

California Academy of Sciences

From the reef to the rainforest, California Academy of Sciences is the ultimate attraction for families of all ages.  With a focus on “life on Earth” you can imagine the multitude of exhibits this place has to offer including Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, the Living Roof, and much more.  

Asian Art Museum

Praised by its vast collection, it is known as on of the largest Asian art collections in the world.  From photographs, sculptures, paintings and films, the Asian Art Museum is full of wonder in every corner.  Located near San Francisco City Hall, there will be plenty to see inside as well as outside of the museum.


Known as the museum of sciences, the Exploratorium beholds hours of exploration for curious visitors.  Interact with hundreds of exhibits, puzzles, and phenomena in this gigantic warehouse located on Pier 15.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Put on your fancy pants on and head to SF MOMA for a taste of gallery-style works of art.  Starting this week they will be featuring an exhibit on Rene Magritte followed by tons of fabulous temporary exhibits throughout the summer.  


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